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With our Novogard fire cabinets you can make your fire station or emergency room organized and clear. Whether you are looking for a general fire rack or need specific adjustments, our fire cabinet is the perfect solution. With attention to your unique wishes and needs on location, we can also support you with tailor-made solutions. Discover the flexibility and durability of the Novogard fire rack and invest in a reliable partner for a safe and efficient environment.

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Our Novogard Fire Cabinets

At Oostwoud you will find the perfect solution for the organized storage of fire equipment with our Novogard product. Specially designed for fire brigades, Novogard offers a robust and well-thought-out layout, keeping all materials neatly organised. Whether it concerns helmets, boots or other necessities, Novogard ensures that everything stays in place. Trust the durability and efficiency of Novogard, Oostwoud’s ideal product for organizing firefighting equipment.

Discover our high-quality fire cabinets

Our fire cabinets are designed with both safety and organization in mind, making them the perfect addition to any fire station or emergency service facility.

Our fire cabinets are made with high-quality materials and a robust construction. Every detail has been carefully considered to meet the high standards of the fire brigade and other emergency services.

Are custom fire cabinets possible?

We regularly receive requests from a fire station or emergency service regarding customized solutions. At Oostwoud we understand that every organization has its unique needs and space requirements. That is why we offer tailor-made fire cabinet solutions that are perfectly tailored to your specific situation.


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