Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

We think it is important that you, as a website visitor, know what cookies our website places, for what purpose and what the retention period of these cookies is. We want to ensure your online privacy and the usability of our website as much as possible. Our cookie policy therefore tells you more about the different cookies we use on our website and all information related to them.

What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files that are placed on computers, tablets or smartphones, for example, during your visit to a website. These text files store information about your website visit. The information stored therein will be recognized on repeated visits and also remember your preferences and interests.

Your choices
Of course, you have complete freedom to choose to disable cookies. However, you should be aware that if you do not want cookies, Oostwoud International B.V. cannot guarantee that the website will work completely. The following explains how to disable cookies for the 4 most common browsers:

Functional cookies
Oostwoud International B.V. places cookies that are necessary for the website to function properly and provide a requested service. These cookies are used to save certain user and preference settings, to store any login information and to optimize the ease of use of the website.

Name of cookieFunction of cookieRetention time of cookie
ASP.Net_SessionldStandard ASP.NET cookie that allows the server to recognize you during your Internet session. Session
Cookie_acceptedDetermines whether you have accepted cookies.1 year
__RequestVerificationTokenChecks for security that when forms are sent, the request is made by the correct client.Session
CONSENT (Google Maps)Ensures that our contact page displays detailed information about our office using Google Maps. 20 years

Analytical cookies
Analytical cookies are cookies used to collect visitor statistics about how visitors use our website. The insights Oostwoud International B.V. gains from this helps to improve the website. For this purpose, we use the following services:

Google Analytics: Google Analytics gives us insight into which pages are visited and clicked on within the website. Because we have a processor agreement with Google, your data is shared in an anonymous form. This means that your data cannot be traced back to you or used by third parties.

Name of cookieFunction of cookieRetention time of cookie
_gaAnalytical cookie that allows us to provide a picture of visitor statistics.2 years
_gidAnalytical cookie that records a unique ID to generate static data about how the visitor uses the website.1 day
__unamUsed to track pages visited and time spent on a page. 2 years

Advertisement cookies
These do not make you see more advertisements or have your personal data used unlawfully. However, they do ensure that the ads you see are more relevant to you, or in other words that they better match your preferences and interests.

Google Ads: We advertise our products in Google Ads. These cookies allow us to show relevant ads based on your recent searches and this allows us to measure which campaigns have achieved revenue.

Name of cookieFunction of cookieRetention time of cookie
1P_JAR, CONSENT, SIDCC, NID, SSID, SID, S, SAPISID, HSID Through these cookies, we can measure which campaigns achieved which revenue. Maximum 2 years

: Google allows us to measure behavior on our website which allows us to further optimize our website. These cookies are used by Google to show customized ads on Google sites based on recent searches and previous interactions. For this purpose, we set the following cookies:

Name of cookieFunction of cookieRetention time of cookie
APISID, NID, SID, 1P_JAR, OGPCThese cookies are used by Google to show customized ads on the Google network based on recent searches and previous interactions.Maximum 2 years

Right to access, correct or delete
All website visitors have the right to request access to and correction or deletion of your data, see also our privacy statement. You may send a request for inspection, correction or deletion to To ensure that the request for inspection is from you, we ask that you enclose a copy of your proof of identity. We will respond to your request within four weeks. When it comes to accessing personal data linked to a cookie, you should send a copy of the cookie in question. You can find these in your browser’s settings.

Due to ongoing developments, the cookie policy may be updated at any time. We therefore recommend that you review our cookie policy regularly so that you are always up to date. If you have any questions about our cookie policy, you can reach us as follows:

By phone 0517 – 39 92 00.

By mail Oostwoud International B.V.
Harlingerweg 49b
8801 PA Franeker

This statement was last updated on June 4, 2019.