Wardrobe fixtures

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Wardrobe fixtures

At Oostwoud, we develop wardrobe fixtures that perfectly fit your needs and desires. Discover the versatile world of storage solutions at Oostwoud. From classic school lockers to specialized wardrobeclosets with integrated heating technology for optimal work performance.

We have everything in-house and make sure you can store everything neatly. From cabinets to lockers and benches, we take care of everything from A to Z. Oostwoud operates in the Benelux and provides wardrobe arrangements for offices, educational institutions, sports clubs and healthcare fascilities.

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With our products, we create functional and organized spaces for different needs in wardrobes and dressing rooms.

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Quality always convinces, for over 150 years. All this time we have been coming up with solid custom solutions. And so Oostwoud never settles for mediocrity. For us, it is a given: striving for the highest possible quality guarantees better and better quality. Find out what that means for us and for you.

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We offer a range of locking systems, ranging from highly advanced to mechanical. Our advanced systems allow lockers to be opened with a PIN, personal pass or app. In addition, our advanced locking systems allow us to seamlessly integrate with Magister and other software packages, ideal for schools.