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Package Cabinets

A package locker saves time for everyone: pharmacists, couriers and the owners of the packages. With a parcel locker, packages, medications, as well as products that can be borrowed are safely stored and retrieved when it is most convenient.

When making crucial decisions, it is valuable to receive expert advice. We understand the impact of personalized advice when you are faced with important choices. Our dedicated product consultants are available to guide and support you in making the right choice.

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Experience a seamless and secure delivery and pickup solution with our smart package boxes. Discover customized solutions that perfectly fit your specific needs.

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At Oostwoud, we offer customized package safe solutions for your business needs. Our package cabinets are not only aimed at improving the customer experience, but are also a cost-effective solution.

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White label solution

You can customize the package vault based on your capacity needs and the capabilities of your location. Our solutions are flexibly customizable, allowing you to create the perfect system that seamlessly fits your needs and available space. A package safe tailored to your organization’s visual identity? That’s what Oostwoud specializes in and is happy to advise you on making the right choices. Leave your information for more information on our various models, installation options and white label options.

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Quality always convinces, for more than 150 years. All this time we have been coming up with ironclad custom solutions. And so Oostwoud never settles for mediocrity. For us it is a given: striving for the highest possible quality guarantees better and better quality. Find out what that means for us and for you.

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General information package cabinets

Shopping online has many advantages. It is even more practical if you do not have to receive your package in person and it is kept in a locked package compartment until it is picked up. This allows residents, employees, customers or courier services to deposit or retrieve goods and documents at any time. Safe and convenient.

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Modular construction

The modular structure of our parcel box concept allows for different applications, ranging from a specific parcel dispenser to a complete collection and dispensing system – precisely tailored to your needs.

Benefits of the Oostwoud package cabinets

– Safety First: Our package cabinets are designed with safety as a priority. Protect your packages from unwanted prying eyes and potential theft.
– Accessible 24/7: Always on the go? No problem! Our parcel lockers offer you the freedom to receive and send your packages at any time of the day.
– Weatherproof: Rain or shine, your packages will stay dry and safe in our durable parcel boxes. Made to withstand all weather conditions.
– Simple installation: No hassle with complex installations. Our package cabinets are easy to assemble and fit seamlessly into any outdoor or indoor environment.
– Stylish design: functional and beautiful. Oostwoud’s package cabinets are available in a variety of stylish designs to match the look of your location.


– Collection system for package delivery.
– Package safes for dispensing tools, ict equipment, service parts, etc.
– Charging lockers for bicycle/scooter battery-s or cell phones.
– Medicine storage.
– Clothing or sports equipment,

In metal and/or wood

Chilled/heated – small/large compartments

With a power supply

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