Service request

Service request

We strive to provide our customers with high-quality products and excellent service. We understand that occasional issues may arise, and that’s where our service request procedure comes in handy.

If you notice that one of our products is not functioning properly, we invite you to use our service request to resolve the problem quickly and efficiently.



Sales inside sales North region

Mr. J. Semplonius

Calculation: Mr. G. Hijstek

Sales outside sales North region

Mr. B. Kramer

Sales inside sales department rayon South

Mrs. K. le Rütte

Field sales/calculation rayon South

Mr. L. Witteveen

Sales Vos Metal model line

Mr. J. Suurmeijer


Sales inside sales North region

Mr. E. Hiemstra

Mr. T. Visser


Inside sales

Mrs. N. Hiemstra

Mr. B. Dikland

Field sales

Rayon North

Mr. S. Dijkstra

Rayon South

Mr. R. van Eersel

Technical Service

Technical Service Department

Mr. E. van de Rijdt

Mrs. M. Visser-Bakker

Mr. M. de Puijsselaar